How to represent a father's love and affection in a toy brand?

Papai que Fez (Daddy made it) creates playful toys with reused wood. What makes it even more special is that the toys are made by a father, with a lot of love and creativity, valuing free play, calm, sustainability and creativity.
The starting point for the brand concept was the face of a proud child saying "Daddy did it". The smile was the central element of creation. In the imaginary, a father refers to pride, delicious games with a lot of laughter and love.
One of the challenges of the brand was the need to be easily engraved on wooden toys.

Visual Identity
[ Papai que Fez, São Paulo, Brazil, 2019 ]

The company's creativity went beyond its signatures, and complementary versions of the brand have been created.

Launched in 2020, the company is growing standing firm to its purpose and selling its products trough social networks.

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