Founded in 2022 by professors and researchers from PUC-RJ, the Aráceas project was established with the goal of creating a distinguished academic laboratory in applied microeconomics, focusing on evidence-based public policies, and aiming to drive the development of human capital and inspire excellence in research and education.

Our challenge was to develop a distinctive name and visual identity for this project. The task was intricate as we needed to effectively communicate with both a younger audience and institutions and governments, ensuring a professional and approachable image.

The naming process involved a thorough and creative exploration, aiming to find a name that not only represented the center's mission but also established a connection with the environment of PUC-RJ. Drawing inspiration from the botanical family "Araceae," present on campus and in the Atlantic Forest, Aráceas emerged as the ideal choice, incorporating this unique connection between the growth of Aráceas and the development of knowledge.

Both the brand and the visual identity system of Aráceas were designed to convey values such as diversity, inclusion, and growth. The symbol, in a versatile manner, evokes the concept of a group and society, while also representing a single plant from above or several plants grouped together. The graphic elements derive from a single unit that multiplies in naturally predetermined proportions, echoing the harmony found in nature. Ultimately, the colors challenge our perception, breaking stereotypes through the contrast between subdued and vibrant hues.

©2022 Aráceas

Design Direction: Walter Mattos
Logo & Design System: Walter Mattos, Bruno Krazler
Strategy & Naming: Fernanda Galindo

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